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Title: Instruments for racial health equity: a scoping review of structural racism measurement, 2019-2021

Citation Type: Journal Article

Publication Year: 2024

ISSN: 1478-6729

DOI: 10.1093/EPIREV/MXAE002

PMID: 38412307

Abstract: <p>Progress toward racial health equity cannot be made if we cannot measure its fundamental driver – structural racism. As in other epidemiological studies, the first step is to measure the exposure. But how to measure structural racism is an ongoing debate. To characterize the approaches epidemiologists and other health researchers use to quantitatively measure structural racism, highlight methodological innovations, and identify gaps in the literature, we conducted a scoping review of the peer-reviewed and grey literature published during 2019-2021 to accompany the work of Groos et al. (J Health Dispar Res Pract. 2018;11(2):Article 13), which surveys the scope of structural racism measurement up to 2017. We identified several themes from the recent literature: the current predominant focus on measuring anti-Black racism, using residential segregation as well as other segregation-driven measures as proxies of structural racism, measuring structural racism as spatial exposures, an increasing call by epidemiologists and other health researchers to measure structural racism as a multidimensional, multi-level determinant of health and related innovations, the development of policy databases, the utility of simulated counterfactual approaches in the understanding of how structural racism drive racial health inequities, and the lack of measures of antiracism and limited work on later life effects. Our findings sketch out several future steps to improve the science around structural racism measurements, which is the key to advancing antiracism policies.</p>


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Authors: Hing, Anna K; Chantarat, Tongtan; Fashaw-Walters, Shekinah; Hunt, Shanda L; Hardeman, Rachel R

Periodical (Full): Epidemiologic reviews