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Title: Beyond generalized sexual prejudice: Need for closure predicts negative attitudes toward bisexual people relative to gay/lesbian people

Citation Type: Journal Article

Publication Year: 2017

ISSN: 00221031

DOI: 10.1016/j.jesp.2017.02.003

PMID: 28983126

Abstract: Increasing evidence suggests that bisexual people are sometimes evaluated more negatively than heterosexual and gay/lesbian people. A common theoretical account for this discrepancy argues that bisexuality is perceived by some as introducing ambiguity into a binary model of sexuality. The present brief report tests a single key prediction of this theory, that evaluations of bisexual people have a unique relationship with Need for Closure (NFC), a dispositional preference for simple ways of structuring information. Participants (n=3406) were heterosexual medical students from a stratified random sample of 49 U.S. medical schools. As in prior research, bisexual targets were evaluated slightly more negatively than gay/lesbian targets overall. More importantly for the present investigation, higher levels of NFC predicted negative evaluations of bisexual people after accounting for negative evaluations of gay/lesbian people, and higher levels of NFC also predicted an explicit evaluative preference for gay/lesbian people over bisexual people. These results suggest that differences in evaluations of sexual minority groups partially reflect different psychological processes, and that NFC may have a special relevance for bisexual targets even beyond its general association with prejudice. The practical value of testing this theory on new physicians is also discussed.




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Authors: Burke, Sara E.; Dovidio, John F.; LaFrance, Marianne; Przedworski, Julia M; Perry, Sylvia P.; Phelan, Sean M.; Burgess, Diana J.; Hardeman, Rachel; Yeazel, Mark W.; van Ryn, Michelle

Periodical (Full): Journal of Experimental Social Psychology


Volume: 71

Pages: 145-150