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Title: Affordable Care Act Impact in Kentucky: Increasing Access, Reducing Disparities.

Citation Type: Journal Article

Publication Year: 2018

ISSN: 1541-0048

DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2018.304413

PMID: 29771619

Abstract: OBJECTIVES To examine health insurance disparities since Kentucky's implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). METHODS Using the American Community Survey, we estimated coverage rates by race/ethnicity before and after implementation of the ACA (2013 and 2015), and we estimated whether groups were over- or underrepresented among the uninsured, compared with their share of the state population. RESULTS Kentucky's uninsurance rate declined from 14.4% in 2013 to 6.1% in 2015 (P < .001). Uninsurance rates also declined for most racial/ethnic groups, including Blacks (16.7% to 5.5%; P < .001) and Whites (13.3% to 5.3%; P < .001). In 2015, Blacks were no longer overrepresented among Kentucky's uninsured, with a significant decline in the ratio of Blacks among the state uninsured population compared with their share of the state population (1.16-0.91; P = .045). CONCLUSIONS In Kentucky, which mounted a robust implementation of the ACA-including Medicaid expansion, a state-based marketplace, and an extensive outreach and enrollment campaign-the state experienced not only a decline in the overall uninsurance rate but also an elimination in coverage disparities among Blacks, who historically were overrepresented among the uninsured.



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Authors: Blewett, Lynn A; Planalp, Colin; Alarcón, Giovann

Periodical (Full): American journal of public health

Issue: 7

Volume: 108

Pages: 924-929