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Title: Inter-relationships between objective and subjective measures of the residential environment among urban African American women

Citation Type: Journal Article

Publication Year: 2017

ISSN: 18732585

DOI: 10.1016/j.annepidem.2016.12.003

Abstract: Purpose The inter-relationships between objective (census based) and subjective (resident reported) measures of the residential environment is understudied in African American (AA) populations. Methods Using data from the Life Influences on Fetal Environments Study (2009–2011; n = 1387) of AA women, we quantified the area-level variation in subjective reports of residential healthy food availability, walkability, safety, and disorder that can be accounted for with an objective neighborhood disadvantage index (NDI). Two-level generalized linear models estimated associations between objective and subjective measures of the residential environment, accounting for individual-level covariates. Results In unconditional models, intraclass correlation coefficients for block-group variance in subjective reports ranged from 11% (healthy food availability) to 30% (safety). Models accounting for the NDI (vs. both NDI and individual-level covariates) accounted for more variance in healthy food availability (23% vs. 8%) and social disorder (40% vs. 38%). The NDI and individual-level variables accounted for 39% and 51% of the area-level variation in walkability and safety, respectively. Associations between subjective and objective measures of the residential environment were significant and in the expected direction. Conclusions Future studies on neighborhood effects on health, especially among AAs, should include a wide range of residential environment measures, including subjective, objective, and spatial contextual variables.


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Authors: Sealy-Jefferson, Shawnita; Messer, Lynne C; Slaughter-Acey, Jaime C.; Misra, Dawn P.

Periodical (Full): Annals of Epidemiology

Issue: 3

Volume: 27

Pages: 164-168