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M Tarr ID, Gillian A; Morris ID, Keeley J; Harding ID, Alyson B; Jacobs, Samuel ID; Kumi SmithID, M; ChurchID, Timothy R; Berman, Jesse D; Rau, Austin; Ashida, Sato; Ramirez, Marizen R
2022. Cognitive factors influenced physical distancing adherence during the COVID-19 pandemic in a population-specific way.
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Xia, JIN; Dong, XIAO; Jie, XU Jun; Kumi, Smith M.; Fei, XIU Xiang; Wei, DING Zheng; Xiao, CAO Ning; Gang, BAO Yu
2020. Factors Affected HIV Testing and HIV Infection among Internet-based Self-testing MSM Who Never Tested for HIV in Beijing, China.
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Liu, Chuncheng; Fu, Rong; Tang, Weiming; Cao, Bolin; Pan, Stephen; Wei, Chongyi; Tucker, Joseph D.; Kumi, Smith M.
2018. Transplantation or rurality? Migration and HIV risk among Chinese men who have sex with men in the urban areas.
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Sievwright, Kirsty M; Stangl, Anne L; Nyblade, Laura; Lippman, Sheri A; Logie, Carmen H; Am elia de Sousa Mascena Veras, Maria; Zamudio-Haas, Sophia; Poteat, Tonia; Rao, Deepa; Pachankis, John E; Kumi Smith, M; Weiser, Sheri D; Brooks, Ronald A; Sevelius, Jae M; Weiser, Sheri; Seve-, Jae M
An Expanded Definition of Intersectional Stigma for Public Health Research and Praxis.
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Total Results: 4