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Asquith, Brian; Hershbein, Brad; Kugler, Tracy; Reed, Shane; Ruggles, Steven; Schroeder, Jonathan; Yesiltepe, Steve; Riper, David Van
2022. Assessing the Impact of Differential Privacy on Measures of Population and Racial Residential Segregation.
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Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth; Kiang, Mathew V; Riley, Alicia R; Barbieri, Magali; Chen, Yea-Hung; Duchowny, Kate A; Matthay, Ellicott C; Riper, David Van; Jegathesan, Kirrthana; Bibbins-Domingo, Kirsten; Leider, Jonathon P.
2021. Geographically-targeted COVID-19 vaccination is more equitable and averts more deaths than age-based thresholds alone.
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Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth; Garcia, Sarah; Leider, Jonathon P.; Riper, David Van
2021. COVID-19 Mortality At The Neighborhood Level: Racial And Ethnic Inequalities Deepened In Minnesota In 2020.
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Total Results: 3