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Adkins-Jackson, Paris B.; Kim, Boeun; Higgins Tejera, César; Ford, Tiffany N.; Gobaud, Ariana N.; Sherman-Wilkins, Kyler J.; Turney, Indira C.; Avila-Rieger, Justina F.; Sims, Kendra D.; Okoye, Safiyyah M.; Belsky, Daniel W.; Hill-Jarrett, Tanisha G.; Samuel, Laura; Solomon, Gabriella; Cleeve, Jack H.; Gee, Gilbert; Thorpe, Roland J.; Crews, Deidra C.; Hardeman, Rachel R.; Bailey, Zinzi D.; Szanton, Sarah L.; Manly, Jennifer J.
2024. “Hang Ups, Let Downs, Bad Breaks, Setbacks”: Impact of Structural Socioeconomic Racism and Resilience on Cognitive Change Over Time for Persons Racialized as Black.
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Grace Kollannoor-Samuel, MD; Kristen A Boelcke-Stennes, MS; Justine Nelson, PhD; Erika Martin, MS; Angela Fertig, PhD; Jeff Schiff, MD
2022. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation is Associated with Lower Health Care Spending among Working Age Adults without Dependents.
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Samuel L. Myers, Jr.
2022. In Memoriam: Samuel L. Myers (1919–2021):.
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Chantarat, Tongtan; Enns, Eva A; Hardeman, Rachel R; Mcgovern, Patricia M; Samuel, ·; Myers, L; Dill, Janette
2022. Occupational Segregation And Hypertension Inequity: The Implication Of The Inverse Hazard Law Among Healthcare Workers.
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Samuel, Cleo A.; Pinheiro, Laura C.; Reeder-Hayes, Katherine E.; Walker, Jennifer S.; Corbie-Smith, Giselle; Fashaw, Shekinah A.; Woods-Giscombe, Cheryl; Wheeler, Stephanie B.
2016. To be young, Black, and living with breast cancer: a systematic review of health-related quality of life in young Black breast cancer survivors.
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Total Results: 5