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Bartlett, Kenneth R.; Johnson, Karen R.; Schneider, Ingrid E. 2016. Comparing strategic human resource development approaches for tourism and hospitality workforce planning.

ABSTRACTThis study compared two approaches for strategic human resource development planning at a macro-level. This was done to develop an understanding of the impact of external change on current and future human resource needs in tourism and hospitality organizations. Using strategic human resource development planning theory, this article examined the application of a qualitative environmental scanning approach compared against quantitative labor market projections for the future workforce for tourism and hospitality occupations in one U.S. state. Interview data collected from a sample of tourism industry leaders in Minnesota identified changes in the economic, demographic, political and legislative, and technology sectors and the possible impact to current and future human resources employed. Data from labor market analysis highlighted future changes in the size and characteristics of the workforce and needed educational levels for workers in tourism and hospitality. Comparing results from both approa...