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Au-Yeung, Caroline; Blewett, Lynn A; Lange Aba, Kathy 2018. Addressing the Rural Opioid Addiction and Overdose Crisis Through Cross-Sector Collaboration: Little Falls, Minnesota..

Morrison County Community-Based Care Coordination is a collaborative, cross-sector effort in Little Falls, Minnesota, that began in 2014 to reduce the use and abuse of opioids among patients at the local hospital and clinic and within the broader local rural community. As of March 2018, 453 clinic patients discontinued use of controlled substances (a reduction of 44‚ÄČ952 doses each month), and law enforcement stakeholders have reported a decrease in drug crimes related to the sale of narcotics. (Am J Public Health. Published online ahead of print December 20, 2018: e1-e3. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2018.304789).